success is

My mission is to provide professional, efficient and reliable service, by way of communicating effectively, setting achievable plans, and delivering exceptional results on time. In doing so, we will build a great relationships and an outstanding reputation, for the purpose of achieving a prosperous outcome for the company, our clients, stakeholders, and shareholders.


My vision is to maintain an exceptional standard of service to everyone, everywhere whilst sustaining leadership role in this industry.  This requires facilitating a workforce on a grander scale, allowing for flexibility of work to all our employees. The results will be a professional one to one business service to our clients for the purpose of long-term prosperity for all.

About me

my story

I have spent an extensive amount of time working within various private company settings, but I have also have enjoyed working for public organisations. 

Family has always been an important part of my life, like many people.  Juggling work whilst not compromising on my family’s needs is paramount, and my youth was stabilised by a good grounding and family support of which I have always hoped that I could bring to my own family.  That is the start of my story, and happened to be the principle component during my working career and my studies.

I have always enjoyed studying and improving myself, so taking various courses which included gaining a qualification as a Legal Secretary simultaneously whilst studying my ILEX High Professional Diploma in Law, was challenging, but I usually thrive in difficult situations.  Doing that also provided transferable skills that I needed to move into the public sector and helped me to solidify some of the law modules during my degree. 

Although I didn’t complete my diploma, I moved from working in the public sector to running my own company within the entertainment industry. My company, which is called HervL Artistes Agency and has been established since 2012 and was running two years prior to mestarting my Bachelor’s Degree at Hertfordshire University in Music & Entertainment industry Management.   

It was during my Erasmus year abroad, at LIUC in Milan, that I found my love for strategic and project management.  I lived and loved being in Italy.  The culture, the food, and expert craftsmanship that was learnt alongside tasks of the analysis of the Italian industry, competitors and various companies strategies.   I returned from Italy with additional skills as learnt during the International business administration and management course that forms part of my management degree of which I achieved a 2:1.  This is when I decided to do what I enjoyed the best, which formed the start of Melanie Callum Business Services.

The beginning

In the beginning, I aim to help companies to thrive, gain and maintain a competitive advantage, by providing the support needed for completing tasks, plans and strategies so that management can get on with the important task of running their companies.

the middle

During the middle, my business growth is to allow for future staff to work flexibly, so they too can support their families in a healthy work life balance.

the forever after

The forever after, will inevitably be the start of my long-term goal of expanding a personal service to everyone, everywhere.



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